We are aware of the difficulties associated with the divorce process and the complexities of other family law issues. Royal Hill Attorneys will help you navigate through the complexities of making important but difficult decisions around family matters.

Separation Agreement

We encourage all of our clients to explore various options of resolving their matter prior to going to court for their marital dispute. In fact, courts are to be seen as a last resort after all other venues are exhausted. When parties are able to resolve their issues out of court by way of discussion, four-way meeting, mediation or arbitration, they may enter into a separation agreement. To explore what options are available for your matter, book a free consultation at our office.

Child Support

Child support is generally paid by the parent who has lesser parenting time in comparison to the other parent. It is prescribed under the guidelines and is generally based upon the amounts noted therein. However, there are rare circumstances in which judges have departed from the guidelines and have awarded an amount higher or lower than noted in the tables. Please book your free consultation to discuss your child support payments with us.

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Spousal Support

Spousal Support is paid by one spouse to the other following separation. It is calculated based upon a number of factors including the parties’ income, duration of marriage, and roles undertaken by the spouses during the course of marriage/cohabitation. A variation in income among spouses or duration of marriage in itself does not obligate a spouse to pay support to the other. Further, the output of a range of support from SSAG calculator also does not guarantee that a payment of support from one spouse to the other will be made. To determine how spousal support affects your matter, please book your consultation with us.

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