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Visiting Visa

Canada welcomes millions of visitors each year, who are treated to its diverse cultures, tourist attractions and food. Whether you are visiting in snowy December or Sunny July, your experience of Canada will be memorable. Royalhill attorneys is happy to assist you in obtaining a Canadian visitor visa, or super visa

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Study Permit

Canada continues to provide opportunities for students from all over the world to experience its rich multicultural, diverse and inclusive society. For most students seeking to study in Canada, a Canadian study permit is required. Our immigration lawyers are ready to answer your questions and assist you in this crucial stage of your student permit application.

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Work Permit

Our team is ready to help with your open work permit, post-graduate work permit or employer-specific work permit applications, with or without LMIA. If you are need such assistance, do well to use the button below to get started.

Temporary Residence Permit

A person who is inadmissible to Canada may obtain a temporary resident permit(TRP) if there is a justifiable reason to travel to Canada. A temporary resident permit, if obtained, temporarily overcomes the inadmissibility for a specified period of time. If you have been found inadmissible but you have a justified reason to enter Canada, our immigration lawyers can help.

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